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Shine True Foundations

Monthly Mini Courses

These short programs are designed to give you a boost to keep you motivated on your journey. Quick lessons and weekly live coaching will provide you education and tools to take care of your mental health in a natural, holistic way.

Transforming Goals into Habits

January/February Course

What's it look like?

You'll receive an email on Sunday morning to prepare you for the week's lesson. The email will include an overview of the topic and a link to the portal to find the handouts, short video lesson and homework for the week. There is also a group chat inside the portal so you can meet other course participants, ask questions and receive feedback. You'll also be invited to a LIVE Thursday evening group where you can ask questions about the material and receive coaching to work through what might be holding you back, and any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that are coming up.

Your Investment: 

$95 (less than $24 per lesson!)

Is this for me?

I get it. You have zero extra hours in your day and when you're finally done all of your daily tasks, you just want to relax and turn off your brain. But I also know that you want to see some traction with your health goals. You're done with anxiety, mood swings and negative thoughts running the show! 


If you're busy and get overwhelmed with too much information, these mini courses are designed to give you just what you need. The video lessons are ten minutes or less and each week's homework has only 1-3 action steps. The live coaching is optional, but is, of course, going to be super helpful for your mental health reset and is an amazing value.

You can expect to:

1. Change your perspective about what's possible for you
2. Create some new evidence for your brain about the person you want to be and the life you want to live
3. Just feel better about yourself!


Ready to get started?

Use the link below to register and I will see you there!

Still have questions? Book a free call and see if it's a good fit for you.

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