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The MOOD & MIND Club

A membership for women wanting to take back control of their moods and their mind to be able to feel more free in their lives.


Your Holistic Mental Health Collective!

The purpose is to create a community of women who want to take the med-free route and support their mental health in a more natural, holistic way. They see the power in nutrition, mindset work, self discovery and self responsibility.

When you start to free yourself from the old way of doing things, you can discover your true self, you realize you’re in charge of the way you feel and do life!

We apply the Shine True ABCs and you can move from:

Anxiety  →  Adventure

Burnout  →  Balance

Chaos  →  Calm

Do any of the below scenarios sound true for you?


You wake up in the morning and you’re short-tempered with your family. You’re irritable at work but hold it together so you don’t seem rude. But when you get home and the house is a mess, the kids are loud and you’ve got to figure out supper, it’s all too overwhelming. You’re exhausted, depleted and haven’t taken a moment for yourself all day. You haven't filled the prescription you received from the doctor the other day because it's really not what you want, but you're wondering if you should.

You’re feeling a little off, but you ignore it and head out to meet friends like planned. Your thoughts start to consume you and they’re all negative… why did I wear this? I should’ve stayed home, I’m tired and don’t feel like socializing. Maybe I shouldn’t drink so I feel good tomorrow. But if I don’t drink, I won't have any fun. Ah, why did I agree to go out! And why can't I be like my friends? They don't overthink a simple night out!

The day is feeling extra stressful… work, relationships, expectations, you know you shouldn’t because you have food at home, but you hit up the drive thru on the way home and get that greasy burger and extra sweet Starbucks. You finish it and feel bloated, guilty and regretful. So much for working out when you get home, it’s Netflix and scrolling social media.

Instead, what if this was true...

What if you felt in control of your mood, emotions, and thoughts? You could spend quality time with your kids because you aren’t thinking of a million other things.

What if you had a great sleep and didn’t feel exhausted in the morning?

What if you took time out of your day to do something to fill your bucket, without feeling guilty.

What if you didn’t worry about every little detail, or other people’s thoughts and opinions, and you just went out and had a good time!

What if you felt confident in your own body and excited for the day.

What if you could just be yourself, love yourself, and be proud of yourself?

Have we met yet?

I’m Lesley, your Holistic Mental Health Coach. Through my social work counselling background and training in holistic nutrition and integrative mental health, I offer a whole-body approach to mental healthcare.

I've been there! I know how you feel... Worrying about everything and everyone around me. Overthinking everything I said or did. Anxious about social outings and needing to know every little detail before agreeing to go out.


And then experiencing food intolerances that seemed to come out of nowhere. Feeling bloated, nauseous, and exhausted after eating. I coped by numbing with food, social media, alcohol, TV and I felt like I was letting my family down when I wasn’t able to be the person I wanted to be.After many doctor visits where I was told to just reduce my stress and take medication, I realized that answer wasn’t good enough for me.


I took my health into my own hands and started to find answers that made more sense to me. Now I get to help others, who feel like medication is not the answer for them. There really are so many other things we can do to take back control of our moods and our minds to feel more free, alive, at peace and content!


Take control of your mind and mood in a natural and holistic way!


Included in the MIND & MOOD Club:

Monthly topics to fast track your healing, short video trainings and workbook

1 live coaching call per month

Monthly recipes

Private group for Q&A, support + accountability

All on a secure, virtual platform (stay home and take part when you're able to!)

Ready to join us?

INVESTMENT = $300 4 month commitment (only $75 per month!)

You are here reading this page for a reason...

It's time to do mental healthcare differently and this is where we start! Let's empower ourselves to take back control of our health and throw away the band-aid approaches that don't offer lasting results.

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