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I help you manage your anxiety, mood and stress through a holistic, integrative approach of nutrition and mindset coaching.

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Now accepting clients for in-person sessions in Winnipeg!

Let's Work Together


This is a private group membership program with a mission to create a community of women who want to take the med-free route and support their mental health in a more natural, holistic way.


If you see the power in nutrition, mindset work, self discovery and self responsibility, then this program is for you!

If you’re in need of a total reset, this is the program for you! Let me help you overcome anxiety, depression and overwhelming stress with a natural approach specifically catered to your individual needs and the root cause of the problem. You’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to feel confident and let your true self shine by releasing limiting beliefs and the weight of emotional baggage. You'll also receive a customized plan with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

This in-depth session is a jumpstart to your transformation and gives you an impression of what holistic mental health coaching is like. You'll complete an intake questionnaire and we'll have a short discussion about your goals for the session. Depending on your goals, we will use the time to either plan out a strategy or release limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are getting in the way.

If you're interested in this session please book a discovery chat below so we can discuss this option for you.

Meet Lesley

Hey! I’m Lesley, your Holistic Mental Health Coach. Through my social work counselling background and training in holistic nutrition and integrative mental health, I offer a whole-body approach to mental healthcare.


I live in a small rural community with my husband, two kids and a bunch of pets. We’re really passionate about agriculture and nutrition - we even have a cricket farm that produces sustainable protein products!


When I began experiencing my own struggles with mental health, digestive and gut issues, I became passionate about finding an integrative and holistic solution. I found the tools I needed to support my body and mind, and bring things back into balance. Now I love spending my days helping others find that same freedom!

Client Testimonials

"Before working with Lesley, I was struggling with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and poor gut health and I wasn’t finding the support I needed through my doctors. Lesley’s calm, supportive, non-judgmental energy made me feel safe to share what I was going through. After working with Lesley I feel in control of my thoughts and emotions. I can choose to think differently and choose what I put into my body. My anxiety is completely gone and I haven’t had an attack or the feeling of one coming in months. When I have any overwhelming feelings, I have the tools to use to stop it from going any further. I absolutely love that Lesley’s approach is different from traditional methods, it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!"



It's Time to Free Yourself From Anxiety

 The med-free, holistic approach to take back control over your thoughts and habits!

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